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Brevidy.comBrevidy is a new social networking site where everything revolves around one thing: videos. On this site, you’re encouraged to share these moments that come to define your life, by uploading short clips that can be seen by those you choose only. You can have a group with all of your relatives, another with these friends you’ve known all your life, yet another one with your coworkers… if it’s people that for any reason or the other you feel like sharing some aspects of your life with, then you’ll be able to do it on Brevidy.


And if you want to share a video with the whole wide world then you can do it, too. You can set your channel as “Public”, and have all the content that you share there viewed and commented by every other user of the site.

Besides, the videos that are shared on Brevidy are split into different channels, in a bid to make everything flow along more nicely, and to let people find what they’re looking for much quicker. There’s channels focused on sports, on music, on comedy… and what’s found there can not only be commented, but also favorited and reshared. In Their Own Words

Brevidy is a video social network. We want to use videos to connect people. We want to allow you to share an intimate moment with your family, a laugh with your friends, or a window into your life with someone halfway around the world. We want to put the soul back into video: You!

Some Questions About

What makes the site special? Won’t people just stick to YouTube to have their videos shared with the rest of the world?

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