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Bresnan Communications offers digital cable, high speed internet and digital voice services to people in the Rocky Mountain area. It currently serves more than 300,000 subscribers in Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. And its website ( tells you everything about the company, the prices it charges and the benefits of actually becoming one of its customers.


What’s more, doubles as a news portal where you can read the latest stories that could be of interest to people who live in the Rocky Mountains area. The site’s main menu is actually split in the following categories: “TV & Video”, “Games”, “Music”, “Sports”, “Local” and “In Theaters“.

If you visit the site now, you’ll see that the most recent news and the ones that are trending are all highlighted on the homepage, and that a full weather forecast is available along with links to general interest sites such as, and And there’s also a “Market Watch” section that includes up-to-the-minute Stock Market information.

All in all, is a site that lets you both learn about the company’s products, and read the latest news concerning the Rocky Mountains. The design is good, and the content is always fresh and accurate. There’s not a lot more you could ask for, is there?

Author : Steve Dixon

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