– Create Songs And Share Them

BreakoutBand.comThis is for those of you who entertain rock star fantasies, and have had it with playing Guitar Hero in their bedrooms. Breakout Band is a social site that lets anybody create a song, and have it shared with the rest of us.

The song creation process is what makes the site praiseworthy. You see, a tool for assembling songs is provided. You will be able to combine basic instruments and tracks, and come up with a song even if you are not a musically-proficient person at all.

Several different kits are already provided, catering for different genres. The ones that are better-represented are rap and hip hop by a mile, but those who love pop and rock will also find something to set their ideas into music here.

And not only will you be able to choose which instruments you want to use, you will also be enabled to apply different effects to the whole track. For example, if you are creating a rock song you can have it sound like an arena number simply by activating the relevant filter. In Their Own Words

Make music. Be heard.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is great because it can let people who have little to no musical knowledge come up with pieces that are quite respectable.

Some Questions About

Can kits be used an unlimited number of times? Or can their creators limit their usage, and charge a fee after a certain point?