– A ChatRoulette For Professionals

BrazenCareerist.comI am surprised a site like this did not materialize before, when ChatRoulette was the new kid on the block and everybody and his wife where releasing endless variations of the randomised video service. You see, Brazen Careerist provides professional users with the chance to come across random contacts that they can use to further their careers.

This service goes by the name of Network Roulette, and it works by asking users a couple of perfunctory questions (IE, professional goals, background, previous work experience…) before matching them with people who are like them.

The main difference with ChatRoulette is that people are not using their cameras to communicate. This means that here you have no reason to worry about the perversion and who-knows-what that has blighted even version 2 of ChatRoulette.

This is an interesting idea bar none, and (again) I am surprised we are seeing such a site now, and not six months ago when ChatRoulette was all the rage. Well, better late than never, I suppose. In Their Own Words

Where ideas are you resume.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It was about time someone put Chat Roulette to some kind of professional use.

Some Questions About

How successful can this become? How will people greet it on the whole?