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Bratz.comBratz is a children’s and teens doll franchise produced by MGA Entertainment. These dolls are characterized by oversized heads with wide eyes, full lips, very small noses, short torsos, and shoes that can be taken on and off.


The popularity of the primary dolls; Cloe, Sasha, Jade and Yasmin encouraged the development of additional friends. At the site you can get information about all the Bratz products, you may also get to design your own doll, play games and checkout the activities (quizzes and art studio), videos and music (Bratz the movie, Bratz TV series, Bratz beat box, Bratz super babyz etc). Also checkout all their products and find out where to buy them. Attention if you are a Bratz fan you’ll have to know that the Bratz Super Babyz DVD is coming out on October the 9th.

Author : Steve Dixon

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