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How To Pick A Unique, Brand-able Name For Your Startup

Every startup founder will tell you that deciding on a name for their company was one of the most fraught processes of the early stages of starting up. Choosing the right name the very first step that you and your co-founders take toward creating the complete and cohesive brand that will play a huge part in determining whether or not your startup will be one of the tiny percent that doesn’t fail.



While you could just pick an explanatory name like “,” names like that make it hard to really build a solid brand. Sure, plenty of people will be driven to your site based solely on needs, but don’t you want to be bigger than that? Do you want to be a household name like Expedia or Ikea?


Those two names have one major thing in common – and it’s not that they both end in “a.” They’re both made-up words that are now associated with very specific brands. Do you think Expedia would have been as successful if they named themselves “” or Ikea if they were “SwedishStyleFurniture?”


No, probably not.


However, there are plenty of made up names that are just, well, not great. I’m not going to list them here because KillerStartups is all about boosting startup entrepreneurs, not tearing them down, but take a minute to think and I’m sure you’ll stumble across a few.


Got a few good examples? Great.


If you’d rather your company was more like Expedia and less like whatever poor startup you just thought of, check out Brandroot. This hand-picked catalog of domain names that only end with .com is a great resource for startup founders who are having trouble coming up with a name on their own.




Brandroot is more than just a domain reseller, however. Names from their catalog also come with a pre-created professional logo, which means you’re ready to start ordering those business cards as soon as you’ve chosen your perfect name. It’s like a starter package for startup branding, getting you going down the right path toward Expedia-like success.


While their site offers thousands of possible branded domain names, those of you who just aren’t quite ready to stop brainstorming yourselves can also check out the tips that the experts at Brandroot give on each page. Find out best practices for brainstorming a name, how to come up with a unique name for your business, and much more.


You want your startup to stand out from the crowd, right? You want to be a big name, a memorable company, the “x” in the next “It’s like the X of…” trend. Take the first step toward being that company by heading over to Brandroot and securing your unique, ready to use, brand-able name today.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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