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BrandFM wants to see you get your brand gig together using their modern and slick media management platform. Aimed at the advert/design crowd, BrandFM comes with a bundle of fast and versatile features including search, tags, watchlists, and product catalogues.


Users have 24/7 access to instant downloads, organizational tools, and automatic delivery. They can easily upload their artwork, images and media files for cataloguing, creating galleries, collaboration and distribution. With BrandFM’s eCourier, users can send files of any size to colleagues, without FTP. Also count in a personal subdomain—a branded micro site—which can be used as a media library or product inventory. Files and documents can be pulled up and categorized by asset, taxonomy, brand, and company. Controls are set by the account owner who determines who sees what; all of their files can be labeled open access, or private. Pricing begins $49.00 a month and gets you 100mb of storage. For 2000mb of storage the cost is $299 per month. There is also a free startup version for bootstrappers. In Their Own Words

“Find source files, original vector art files and high resolution images for the brands you work with. Search use simple words or phrases. Browse by company, brand, tag, taxonomy/category or recently added assets. You can add brands and assets to watchlists too – so you get notified if there is a change or a new file added. You can view recently viewed assets and if you’ve created an Upload Account you can also browse just your own data by browsing by My Assets, My Brands, etc.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

BrandFM certainly has a sleek and smart interface which makes brand management look sexy. It comes with a good bundle of features which allow for easy organization and sharing. It looks pretty intuitive and well constructed.

What’s more – BrandFM is a multi-tenant AND at the same time a single-tenant site. So a user can search across multiple brands at OR search within just one brand at So when you publish a brand asset it can be available to everyone searching on the main brandfm site AND to users searching your own branded library simultaneously.

Some Questions About

How well does BrandFM perform in the ease of use category? How do its collaboration features rate?

Author : Siri Marshall

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