KillerStartups – Product Placement in Online Video

Brandfame.comBrandfame offers a solution to standardize product placement in user-generated content. It lets producers create a profile and post listings of upcoming videos in which they are willing to place products.

It also lets advertisers create their profile and post listings of products they have available for integration. Both sides can then find each other through advanced search on several criteria, or they can simply browse listings and view the details if they happen to stumble upon something interesting. Once someone finds something of interest, this person makes an offer to the one who posted the listing. The negociation begins a process in which Brandfame is not involved. Brandfame is a marketplace to connect these two parties, producers and advertisers, together, easily and efficiently. In Their Own Words

“Brandfame is the premier marketplace connecting brands and producers sharing their videos on video-sharing websites like YouTube, metacafe, AOL Video, Revver, etc … for live product placement and sponsorship deals.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is only natural to try and take a piece of the pie that not many pay attention to: product placement in online-video. Brandfame is an online marketplace aiming to connect producers of online-video and advertiser together to make product placement deals.

Some Questions About

Is this service profitable enough to be worth it?

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