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BrandAdda.comBrandAdda is collaborative community that revolves around products, services and brands. Through it, members can comment on related topics and exchange insight as well as rating the different products and companies that are added to the existing database.

In actuality, this database is made up of the contributions site users put forth, so that brands spanning the whole world are taken into account.

The site highlights some of the most popular products and brands on its main page, and recent products and brands are spotlighted in a similar manner. By clicking on any item, you will be presented with a description and a link to the official website. Moreover, when it boils down to companies you can see the number of followers a specific brand has, as well as learning about the number of users that the company has spammed.

Further resources include polls and a questions and answers section which deal with issues like “Do you believe there is a win-win when it comes to consumers and companies?” and so forth.

Lastly, a blog is also featured and it stands as a good way of keeping abreast of the latest news and site developments. In Their Own Words

“BrandAdda is a collaborative community centered on Products, Services and Brands. Users have a wide variety of tools such as Polls, Q&A, Ratings, Ads, Promotions, Doodles, Photos, Videos & more.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Resources like this one empower consumers and help them make better-informed decisions.

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How does the rating system work?