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BrainRepublic.comBrain Republic is a social network where the focus is on having real conversations with people. Interactions here take place face-to-face, through your headset, via the provided chat… this is a social resource in which live communication is the order of the day.


The actual nature of these interactions, now, is left to each individual. In principle, the site lends itself equally well to leisure and serious uses. If you want to talk with someone who loves Family Guy and discuss which character is better (which is absolutely pointless, as everybody knows that Stewie steals the show) you will be able to do it with the same ease that you will be able talk with someone who can provide you with career advice.

Also, you will be able to talk with people who could help you fix anything that has become broken. If it is a Sunday night and your printer has stopped working and you need a report printed for next morning, then a site like Brain Republic can save the day. You are bound to find someone with the skill and time to help you get the problem solved. In Their Own Words

“BRAINREPUBLIC is the social network for anyone who wants to talk

face-to-face – or just via audio or chat – with like-minded people from anywhere at any time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives social networking a very welcome set of practical uses.

Some Questions About

Which languages are primarily spoken by users of the site?

Author : Roger Hollings

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