– Online Dating For Smart People offers a really fresh take on something as tried and tested as online dating. On this site, people who value intelligence can meet their other halves by playing games and getting badges that they can then display on their profile pages for others to start taking notice of how bright they are. So, instead of pedantically listing their degrees one after the other users of BrainiacDating are empowered to show others how smart they are in a more affable way. Because a fact is a fact: playing games and solving puzzles is much more jovial than creating a profile that feels more like an online curriculum vitae.

BrainiacDating has already got over 25,000 registered users, and anyone can join the site. Creating a profile and browsing through other people’s costs nothing. And the actual friending of users and the collection of badges are also done for free.

So, there you go. If you value the intellectual qualities of people when looking for a match and the kind of conversation you look for when going on a first date revolves around parallel dimensions (a la Fringe), then Brainiac Dating is the closest you will get to finding some true romance on the Internet.

Oh, and just in case you are not the brainy kind you can resort to more “conventional” dating sites such as Smooch or Oasis Active. In Their Own Words

Where it’s sexy to be smart!

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Is this really the first site of its kind to be released?