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BragTaggs.comShopping is a social activity par excellence – people either shop with others, or show others what they have bought. That is the way things have always worked. And a-deal-a-day websites such as Groupon have leveraged such a fact. Their meteoric success has got nothing mysterious to it. These are sites that encourage people to do something they love (IE, shopping) in the most collective way of all. Yet, the concept can still be taken further. That is the aim of websites like BragTaggs.


In a nutshell, BragTaggs is a site that lets people share all the best deals they have found. They share them with their friends, and they will get rewards from retailers in exchange for the new customers they are bringing in.

In this way, everybody wins. People who have bought something cool share it with their friends, and have the chance to get even cooler items for doing so. Their friends get to know about products that are excellent, and that they should not pass by. And retailers get an influx of customers that are more likely to make an actual purchase than people who come into their sites on their own. In Their Own Words

BragTaggs lets you & your friends share the best deals you find. Find great sales, earn deal points & get rewards.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let people who take their shopping seriously share their best finds with everybody.

Some Questions About

What rewards can you exactly get through the site?

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