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BragStats.comIn a nutshell, we can say that BragStats is a social resource that is aimed at athletes. The idea is to let them to record their biographical information along with their professional stats, and share them with the world at large.

Upon doing so, they will be able to befriend not only sports enthusiasts but also other athletes, and create a true social and professional circle as a result.

The site is open to individuals of all ages, and there are four main groups: “Juniors” (ages 6-12), “Varsity” (high school), “Pro/Elite” (collegiate+) and “Weekend Warriors” (adults 18+). The site will also let coaches create their very own profiles, and all basic accounts come at no cost.

Once an account has been created, the user can socialize in all the usual ways and keep his family and friends posted on his whereabouts and upcoming activities. All the usual media can be shared, and training blogs can be kept.

Finally, note that you can also come up with a “Fan” profile if you are not an athlete yourself but rather someone who wants to offer his support for this or that athlete. These accounts can be created by families, too – it is a great way to raise awareness about any star that is rising in your ranks. In Their Own Words

“BragStats is the premier portal for ANY ATHLETE of any age to record your stats and info, stay connected with fans and family and share your sports’ accomplishments!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a resource enables athletes not only to track their evolution but also to stay connected with their punters.

Some Questions About

What are the advantages of the paid accounts that are offered?

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