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Braggle.meNo matter how it is sold, Braggle is nothing more and nothing less than a recommendations service. The site is advertised as the one spot on the Web where people can brag about other people. Which sounds cool and funny, but it is just another way to say that on the site what people do is to recommend other people – people who can provide excellent services when it comes to this or that area. The idea is that the more brags a person has accumulated then the more recommendable that person is.

In any case, you can determine who is who by reading the texts that accompany each and every brag. That is, brags come with a short descriptive text where the person explains why that particular member of the site is worth bragging about.

In the end, the site is useful for what it is (IE, a setting for recommendations and referrals), but I just wonder whether people will not just stick to LinkedIn and keep on making connections there as they have always done. In Their Own Words

Because good people are worth bragging about.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site does let you know about people who provide generally-excellent services in a simple and informative way.

Some Questions About

How popular can this really become?

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