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Bragalia.comEveryone loves to brag. There’s just so much to brag about- – your genius, your shining personality, your kids, toys, your award winning dog, that bonsai cat out back, your last date, musical tastes, the hand baked cherry pie you made, the way you drove through the ice storm yesterday when you’d never even seen snow before, your money, love, hate–the list could go on forever.


If you like to brag, then Bragalia’s the site for you. Bragalia is a new site that lets you share your world and achievements. And people are listening. It’s also a great promotional tool. If you’ve started a new business or have a blog to promote, Bragalia’s the place to do it. Choose from a number of brag categories like Family, Beauty or Cooking. You can also browse by size;there’s daily brags, lifetime brags, et al. There’s no shortage of brags at Bragalia. In Their Own Words

Bragalia is a site where you can brag about anything that makes you feel happy. It’s as simple as that. You can tell the world about your achievements, show off your skills, talk about your pregnancy or your newborn baby, praise your family, girlfriend, or boyfriend, show how cute your dog or cat is, announce the launch of your new site, or share the pictures of your new car. Anything is possible. If you are proud of it, show it off on Bragalia! “

Why It Might Be A Killer

Bragalia is a good place to get all your bragging out. It’s also a good tool for self-promotion. Self-promotion is so rampant on the nets right now, Bragalia hits that market on the nose perfectly.

Some Questions About

Bragalia is hard to take serious. Will anyone use it? It’s not that appealing to read other people’s brags especially when they consist of something like “My Wife, I love her!!”. How does Bragalia aim to attract faithful users to the site?

Author : Bruce Turner

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