– Brrr: Update Twitter, Jaiku and More

Brabblr.comBrabblr´s a new tool that updates your all your light weight blogs like Twitter and Jaiku. This meta tool works with such blogs as the aforementioned Twitter and Jaiku as well as Frazr, Wamadu and TextIn.

You can receive updates from your friends or from the community. Each will contain info about where it caome from . While it´s a perfect tool to aggregate your light presence communication into even lighter comm, there´s no way to link up with fellow Brabblr members. You can also manage as many accounts as you want, so if you have three Twitter accounts, there´s no problem. Currently the site is in ‘pre-alpha´ mode; you´ll have to submit your email address to join. In Their Own Words

“mak”it easy, brabblr!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Brabblr could become the Twitter hub. There´s quite a bit of potential there; the integration is extremely useful for users of such presence stream services.

Some Questions About

Will there be more networking features for Brabblr´s? will the update importing feature be improved?