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BPinger.comPinging, of course, is a great way to get your blog out there, as it lets people know that you’ve got fresh new content. There are plenty of pinging services which have cropped up in order to help bloggers get pinged, and therefore, get more traffic.


BlogPing is one such service and it’s really quite simple to use. You’ve got two input bars, one for entering the name of your blog, the other for typing in the URL. Below that are a list of servers which you can choose to ping—there are about 26 in total including Feedster, IceRocket, Yahoo and Weblogs. Simply check the servers you want to ping and hit the Send Pings button. In Their Own Words

“Ping Us. Updated your site recently? Let us know! Just enter the URL of your blog home page below.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a very easy way to get your blog pinged. It takes no time and it covers a lot of ground.

Some Questions About

Will there be a way to get your blog pinged without having to enter in your information each time you update?

Author : Siri Marshall

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