Boxillion – How Smart Is This Smart Mailbox? About A Xillion Times Smarter

Isn’t online ordering amazing? You can have pretty much anything from anywhere shipped to you as fast as you’d care to pay for, and then hope you’re around to receive your order or have valuable items left where anyone might nab them.


Wait. Whaaat?


Parcel delivery systems have one major flaw: The delivery. Old school mailboxes just aren’t up to task in the digital world – they’re vulnerable to the elements, insecure, sized poorly. Convenience goes out the window if you have to hunt down your package because you weren’t home for an attempted delivery. And no one has the time to wait around – talk about in need of an update.


Boxillion is a delivery system designed for modern (and future) needs. It’s a smart parcel box that connects to the Internet and interacts with your smartphone.


boxillion landing


When your orders arrive, the delivery person simply enters a temporary code to open the box and leave your parcel. The box, made of either metal or strong plastic, is safe from weather and theft, so you can receive items free of worry. No more missed attempts or needing to sign for items ever again. Brilliant.


A Boxillion app lets you control the box and manage orders via smartphone. You receive alerts when shipments arrive, can keep tabs on all of your orders, place new orders, and open your Boxillion over Bluetooth. (And if you’re battery dies, you have keyed-entry for backup).


If you want to share your box with a neighbor, you can configure access as you like and the same goes for family or friends. So, if you want your bother to swing by for a package while you’re out of town or you need to help a friend out by accepting a delivery on her behalf, the process is hassle-free for all involved. Say a guest leaves something at your house during a dinner party. No need to wait around for them to come by or to play host again. Shoot them a temporary code, and they can grab their things on their own time.



Much more than a smart mailbox, Boxillion envisions creating an array of different-sized and custom boxes to suit business needs. You have a chance to help the creators decide what would make Boxillion even better.


Currently the company is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund production and begin sending out Boxillion. Drop them a suggestion – or make a pledge! The more orders they receive, the cheaper they’ll make Boxillion for everyone.


Groceries, electronics, clothes, recurring deliveries, goods swaps – with Boxillion, there aren’t any restrictions on the types of exchanges and there’s no such thing as off-hours. Wanna make home deliveries super easy? Handle ordering from purchase to drop-off using your smartphone? Check out to learn more.


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