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BoxedUp.comFancy lists? Always on the lookout for the perfect gift? If you’ve got the listing urge, or simply want to get a head start on Christmas, BoxedUp should be your next destination. This list making service is dead simple to use.

Once you’ve signed up, you can simply install the browser extension which makes adding items as easy as a simple click. As soon as you’ve got your list going you can add tags as well as friends. This way your friends will know just what to get you for your birthday, for Christmas, or for rainy days when you’re feeling blue. The reserve option indicates which items are being purchased so you won’t get duplicates. Import your Amazon lists to BoxedUp and use the widget to plug your lists into all your fav networking sites. In Their Own Words

“Find things that you want or like as you’re surfing the web, reading a magazine or browsing boxedup.
Never forget those great ideas by adding them to your boxedup list!
Get social! Share your list, so people know what you want and what you like.
Always get given things that you want! And what you don’t get given you can just get yourself!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

BoxedUp is a perfect tool for gift shopping. Instead of boggling over what you should give your sweetheart, simply checkout their BoxedUp lists. Or peruse others’ lists for ideas. This way you won’t end up buying something tasteless and your amant gets what she wants.

Some Questions About

Will BoxedUp add reviews/commentary? Is there any way to add users’entire lists, rather than just a few items at a time? Is list making going make it big?