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BoxBuffer.comStartups like Lost Crates, Birchbox and Umba Box have changed the way in which people discover new products. These bridge the gap separating the digital from the physical, and let people discover items they’d never learn about otherwise by having them bundled and delivered straight to the front steps of their doors. And so does BoxBuffer.

BoxBuffer lets you get a goodie box like any of the three services that were just mentioned, but there’s a major difference in the way everything’s handled. You see, BoxBuffer lets you get a somehow customized box, as you pick the “themes” you’re interested in. These include “Snacks”, “Beverages” and “Cleaning”. You can select all of them if you want (and if you’re ready to pay more, of course). Having snacks delivered would cost you $19, whereas beverages and cleaning products are charged $9 each. Note, though, that you’re not choosing the actual products you’ll get, that’s going to be a surprise. You’ll pick the themes only.

But you can, however, choose how often you want to have your box delivered. You can have one sent weekly, biweekly or monthly. That’s also different from the other services that were mentioned above, as most of them let you receive a box at a frequency you can’t change. So, BoxBuffer is a much more open-ended service in the end. In Their Own Words

Receive customized goodies boxes at your doorstep.

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