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Bountyjobs.comBountyjobs is an online job recruiting forum that connects employers and headhunters. The goal of this site is to match the best potential employees to businesses with available positions via headhunters.

To initiate this exchange, an employer first posts a “bounty,” or a request for top headhunters to find applicants for the positions to be filled. From there, headhunters respond to the employee’s post, delivering the best matches of possible applicants. If a candidate from a headhunter’s pool is hired, the employer adequately rewards the headhunter. The industries represented by Bountyjobs include finance, internet, and technology, among others. In Their Own Words

“BountyJobs is an online marketplace that eliminates the inefficiencies afflicting the recruiting industry. BountyJobs provides employers with unparalleled access to a huge pool of talent while giving headhunters the opportunity to tap into a tremendous new revenue stream. Joining BountyJobs is easy and effective and you will pay no start-up costs or monthly fees once you are approved for membership.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Bountyjobs is a mutually beneficial tool for all parties involved in the headhunting process. Through this site, employers have access to a vast pool of headhunters and potential employees, and headhunters can quickly and easily find possible jobs. The job recruiting process is simplified and made even greater in scope and size.

Some Questions About

Because this is a private marketplace for headhunters and employers, how may qualified job seekers connect to headhunters who work with Bountyjobs? How may employers be guided to create an adequate bounty to attract top headhunters?

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