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BountyIt.comGetting help for any project that you seem unable to complete on your own is now simpler than ever thanks to this new service. And the same can be said about getting conceptual help for these projects you’re just germinating, and that you think could be developed much faster and more accurately with help from others. lets people in your position offer those who are willing to help out a reward for their efforts. The way the site works, you (as the one who has asked for help) are enabled to nominate the one who provides you with the best solution as the victor of your bounty.


In fact, it’s possible to nominate more than one victor per request, so that if two different individuals really exert themselves and come up with solutions that are actually supplementary you can acknowledge the efforts of both.

And in addition to letting people get feedback, the site acts as a marketplace in which services can be requested and offered. This works exactly as you can imagine, as people who could use a hand with anything (such as some code, or the design of a logo) can offer others some money for their cooperation, whereas those who feel they could help others tackle any difficult assignment can volunteer their services by creating a listing themselves. In Their Own Words

Ever had an idea where you thought it was really cool but wanted to have some input from others? Or had something you would like feedback on, such as a website, logo, etc…? Post it on BountyIt and see what comes in!

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