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Bottomdollar.comBottomdollar is a search engine where consumers can quickly obtain free and unbiased information about products, services, merchants and sellers before making a purchase decision. Connect with them and you will be able to find and compare millions of unique products and services contained in 23 channels, such as computers, electronics, furniture, cameras, clothing software, babies and kids, books and magazines and others.

If you want to use Bottomdollar it’s easy as pie, just introduce your keyword into their provided box and selected results will be displayed for you. If you want to narrow your search just select one of their channels. Be able to take a look on their most popular items, or take a look on their item reviews and ratings. Be able to sell your goods too. In Their Own Words

“PriceGrabber’s innovative comparison shopping services make it a valuable ally for any shopper; they include: BottomLinePrice calculations (tax and shipping included in price), Storefronts marketplace (individuals without a website can sell their own products), merchant ratings and reviews, detailed product information and reviews, side-by-side product comparisons and email notification of the best prices and availability on the Internet.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

In Bottomdollar costumers will be able to find one of the best comparison shopping experiences on the Internet. Bottomdollar is where shoppers to merchants and sellers, of all sizes and scope, connect online. Be able to buy and sell all kind of stuff.

Some Questions About

How will it be able to compete against other much more recognized search engines? What makes Bottomdollar different from other sites alike? How will it be able to attract more users?

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