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Bottlenotes.comA resource that has an apt name, Bottlenotes can be defined as a portal that revolves around a sole consideration: wine. On the site, it is possible to become part of a worldwide wine community that caters both to novice and seasoned wine enthusiasts, and which provides assistance and guidance on every connected matter.


For example, the site includes thorough information on global wines which are duly tried out by the experts making up the community, and these can be procured by following the links which are provided to well-reputed online vendors.

Moreover, the site includes a personal taste profile that will enable anybody to set down his preferences in order to receive customized recommendations.

Of course, social elements that make for the interaction among site users are duly included. These include personalized journals that go by the name of “Wine Cellars” as well as a Facebook app.

Lastly, the site also includes information on forthcoming events and activities worldwide, so that it can be said that a visit to the Bottlenotes website is certain to appeal to wine connoisseurs all over the globe. If you think that definition applies to you, a visit to the site will not to go amiss. In Their Own Words

“ is an online wine community where novice to advanced wine enthusiasts can go to learn about, share, explore and buy boutique and estate wines from around the world, hand-picked by Bottlenotes wine experts and tailored to individuals’ personal tastes. From its extensive wine content that helps enthusiasts at all levels expand their wine knowledge to an ever-expanding portfolio of global wines selected by Bottlenotes’ trusted experts, Bottlenotes guides you through the world of wine.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a comprehensive and well-put resource that is bound to appeal to wine enthusiasts the world over.

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How often is the site updated?

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