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Bottlenose.comBottlenose is the latest application for making sense of social media. You can use this web tool for filtering through the content that’s featured on Facebook and Twitter, and getting to these messages and updates that are really important only. Using an interface which is not that different from TweetDeck’s or HootSuite’s, Bottlenose lets you focus on these messages that have come from your most important contacts by using a priority filer, and you can have results sorted in as many different columns as it would take you to really be more productive.


You can also have Bottlenose filter out these updates that come with pictures and/or videos, and the service comes with lots of extensions for having content handled much better. And the application is as intelligent as to look at which kind of social media updates you post to figure out the kind of content you’d be keener on the most.

Additionally, Bottlenose lets you compose richer media messages, and use these to launch much better campaigns. So, it can be said that it covers social media interactions in both ways, as it lets you have messages received and sent out both simply and elegantly. In Their Own Words

Bottlenose is the smartest social media dashboard. You should be surfing the stream, not drowning in it.

Bottlenose makes you more effective. Get what you need, when you need it. Friend, follow and subscribe to your heart?s content. Be heard, be found, be productive. Be more #awesome.

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How come Twitter’s never offered people advanced filters for getting to the content that matters more to them only? Isn’t about time it did something about it?

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