Boston’s Cleanzen is revolutionizing the home office

What’s one thing most offices have in common? Cleanliness. Businesses pay someone to keep work areas clean and clear, and most of the time this cleaning is done by dedicated cleaning staff. This makes sense, since other employees are performing core-business functions with their paid time, and need a clean environment in which to perform them.

So, with the explosion of telecommuting and freelance work over the past 2 decades, you might wonder how work-from-home employees are able to maintain the level of cleanliness they require for the job functions, while working out of space that they have to clean themselves.

Well, for many in this new and modern facet of the labor market, the secret is a great cleaning company. In Boston, the company of choice is a startup called Cleanzen Cleaning Services.

Cleanzen benefits from a convenient head-office location right in downtown boston, from which its cleaners can quickly and effectively reach any home in the greater Boston area. The service, which was established in 2017, offers a wide range of add-on cleaning services designed to tailor their experience to the needs of any type of home.

These specialized services range from eco-friendly cleaning products to even washing your dishes, so no matter what state you home or home/office is in, they can get you back on the path to unencumbered productivity.

After two years in operation, Cleanzen is the a top-rated platform for house cleaning & maid service in greater Boston area, with a perfect 5-star review rating from Google and over 100 individual 5-star reviews.

What makes them especially attractive to homeowners and home-based-business owners is that each of their professional cleaners undergoes a thorough screening before hiring, including a background check, proficiency tests, and an in-depth reference examination. They stand by their intake process with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and are ready to re-clean your house or apartment for free, should you find any deficiency in your service.

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