– Make The Best Of Unused Items

BorrowMe.comIn days of financial hardships like these, there is nothing worse than occupying space with items that we are putting to no use at all. The fact remains both that space and those items could be used to generate an income.

And if you don’t know how, this site can show you the way. Named BorrowMe, it will empower you to maximize items that are cluttering your basement or garage by providing a platform where these can be sold, lent, rented or even given away as gifts.

This database of items to be shared/rented/given away is browseable by city, and if you can’t find what you are looking for (or if you find it only at the other end of the State you live in) you can simply post a wish and see if someone has what you need.

Resource sharing is a good option any way that you look at it, as it will help you reduce your overall spending while you increase your available space. It also increases sustainability and it halves the amount of unused items that end up in the landfills. So, a service like BorrowMe is bound to keep everybody happy. In Their Own Words

“BorrowMe helps consumers, local clubs and organizations to buy less stuff, and make more of what we’ve got. Whether you borrow, lend or rent – we’ll help you organize and access the abundance in your own community. Earn a tidy profit without giving up your things, or save a bundle for the things that matter most.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Consumption is at an all time high right now. There is no reason to go buying everything when your neighbors can help you out to begin with.

Some Questions About

Are there fees to be paid for listing anything on the site?