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Boostpost.comThat social sites are the future of advertising on the web has already been ascertained. The only aspect that needs to be elucidated is what exactly is going to be the best way of reaching out to customers, and promoting a site there without tarnishing the experience the user is meant to have by becoming an intrusive one.


Boostpost is a new service that offers an interesting take on that issue. It basically allows bloggers and website owners to add a button to their posts for readers to have immediate access to social sites, and promote the content by “boosting” it. That is, upon clicking on the “Boost” icon, they will be taken to the site’s “boostpage”. Advertising shown on this page will produce revenue shared between the originating site and Boostpost. More than 50 services are already supported, and readers will have a true chance of breaking the story through sites like Digg and related ones.

The site, then, takes the concept of bookmarking that we all know and are keen on to a bigger or lesser extent, and zeroes in on a specific niche: social networks. Boostpost is wholly focused on sites similar to Digg. This caters to a more specific need for both the webmaster and the reader. And the site is free to use, so that it is all the more appealing to everybody. In Their Own Words

“Boostpost is the easiest way to add social network ranking buttons to your blog or website.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Webmasters are always actively looking for ways of promoting their content. They are known to give absolutely every single application or tool that surfaces a try, so this has a ready market.

Some Questions About

How much could you generate through something like this, theoretically?

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