Forward! BoostHQ Keeps Your Team And Content Moving The Right Direction

Google Docs, PDFs, emails, chats, videos, links… We are bombarded with content on a daily basis. It is a constant struggle to stay organized, find what you need, and collaborate on the same page. The headaches brought on by these common work challenges are very real, but the situation is far from hopeless.


BoostHQ is an interactive content hub that allows your team to share, collaborate and drive action on content from anywhere.


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The platform immediately dispatches one of the biggest frustrations – trying to figure out where a piece of content is. Everything can be found on BoostHQ. Organized into topic-specific channels, BoostHQ serves as a smart library for all of your content. This includes content from Dropbox, YouTube, Google Drive, Slack, Twitter and all of the other sources that your team relies on.


So, you know where to look for starters. And in BoostHQ, channels and tags make it easy to quickly locate needed information. Since BoostHQ is available across platforms and on any device – with fully responsive design – team members can truly work from anywhere at full capacity and always find content.


A simple drag-and-drop interface and a Chrome extension helps you to share content easily. Here, BoostHQ proves a real time saver by keeping comments and discussions relating to the content attached to the content. Instead of toggling between a Gmail conversation in one tab and a document open in another tab, for example, you have the messages alongside the content. Having clear context speeds conversation and leads to more efficient resolutions.


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Similarly, action-items stay connected to content as well. Anything from a request that news be shared in a Facebook post to a checklist or poll can be attached to the content, which makes it easier to collect feedback and get things done.


In the their own words, the creators of BoostHQ explain that they have, “…developed a platform where your content is never lost, creating a service in which content discussion not only works, but thrives. With BoostHQ, you can watch how content is being shared and optimize it, allowing you to increase productivity and identify the thought leaders in your organization.”


Yes, equipped with analytics, BoostHQ helps to identify the contributions of team members (quickly lost in the chaotic daily grind) and to understand what content works best.


Organized, flexible, efficient, easy to use – could BoostHQ be the solution for all of your content woes and key to unlocking your team’s potential? Sign up for access or learn more by visiting


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