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BoopMe.comLet your good reputation precede you wherever you go. Use a service like BoopMe, and get together recommendations and positive feedback from all the people who are in your life. You can ask your bosses for a thumbs-up, and also your lifelong friends and these dudes you play basketball with every Thursday night. BoopMe has been created to let you get recommendations from people in just every context. It’s a service with a clear mission: to let you make both new personal and professional acquaintances by leveraging the ones you already have.


These recommendations are called “boops”, and you can get them just by sharing your profile link with people who have anything positive to say about you. That would be just any person you’ve ever done anything nice for in your life. People you’ve worked with, friends you’ve helped when they were down, folks you’ve done chores for…

And there’s also a version of BoopMe for business users. These will be able to use BoopMe to gather the feedback of consumers, and bring all that’s good in the same page. Again – that will be hosted on its unique URL, so sharing it around could hardly be any easier. In Their Own Words

Get recommended by people, colleagues and friends then share your profile.

Some Questions About

What about creating a clearer chart with all the most popular people and businesses, as rated by users of the service?

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