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BoonSpace.comGifts in the physical world and gifts in the cyberspace are two things that won’t ever agree, not even if we take into account that sites as useful as BoonSpace do exist and can be used by just everybody.


Basically, what a site like BoonSpace will allow you to do is to create a kind of multimedia card that will be sent as a gift along with a PayPal (or credit card) payment for the person to buy what he or she wants in real life.

Actually, he/she will buy the gift that you are introducing in your virtual card. That is, the card will display the “real” product that you want to present as a gift to the other person. Since you can’t be there in order to give such a gift personally, your friend will have to go shopping in order to buy it – using the money you have just sent.

It is fair to say that the system is quite functional. As I explained at the beginning, there is a limit to what you can do using a computer, and the attempts to make the webified world resemble the tangible one are mostly insipid. But I give BooonSpace credit for rendering a service that can somehow close distances and let people feel that they are not that alone. In Their Own Words

“Send a more meaningful and memorable gift online.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is not the same as giving a gift in person, but it comes quite close.

Some Questions About

Are there any fees to be paid for using this site?

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