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Boonex.comThere are many ways to run a business. You can do it as if everybody would be an equal; you can do it as if they would be all your slaves, or just by giving everybody the sense of belonging to a family.

BoonEx is an interesting online resource that considers its users differently when it comes to running businesses. On this site you will be treated as a part of a community. Why? Just because the company has demonstrated that by doing this with its employees its performance has improved.

BoonEx rules its internal operations based on community moderation principles. In this way all its workers have voice and vote and are equally motivated to establish the company as the leading community software provider.

One cool thing about the way this company works is the fact that before delivering any application or software to the market they try it themselves. That is why they can find and fix different problems before the products actually reach the end users.

This might be a good example for you to observe in case you are thinking about creating your own company, or if you are just an end user and you want to make sure that the product you are going to purchase is a quality one. In Their Own Words

“As Community Software Experts we produce community software, build a community of customers and operate as a community ourselves. BoonEx explores and introduces the power of collaboration in social life and business relations.”

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