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Boomerater.comThe Boomerater website is a just-launched online resource that lets boomers find advice by like-minded individuals on different issues. The site comprises databases of financial advisors, community reviews and tips to stay fit and healthy alongside career advice and travel information and resources which can be accessed in a plethora of ways.


For instance, search tools are provided and you can key in five digit ZIP codes and specify a given range, or conduct a search by last name when it comes to looking up professionals like financial advisors.

In addition to that, you can post questions on the provided forums for the consideration of other Boomerater users. The most recent questions which have been asked are prominently featured on each page

On the other hand, you have the chance of writing reviews for some of the different services the site deals with. For instance, you can review financial advisors you work with or have worked with in the past.

Moreover, when it comes to sections like “Shopping” and “Health & Fitness” you can see a list of recommended products, and even recommend products yourself for the benefit of the online community. In Their Own Words

“Boomerater is THE destination for Boomers to exchange ideas, advice and first-hand experience with other Boomers – everything from top shopping finds and recommended vacation destinations to financial and relocation advice. By accessing our database of content contributed by other Boomeraters, our members gain valuable, practical information they know they can trust. Whether facing a challenging life decision or embracing a new creative lifestyle, Boomerater can make the journey easier and more rewarding.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It caters for a specific public that will find it a welcome resource.

Some Questions About

What features are going to be implemented in future updates? How can the site be improved?

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