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BookYap.comBookYap is a new book recommendation service that is meant to be used by the whole family. The way everything currently works, you will be able to find books for yourself, your wife, your children and your older relatives in just a couple of mouseclicks.


In general, produces its recommendations based on the personality of the individual that has to read the book. The main page features no less than 25 main categories for anybody to center his search on. These include everything from adventurer, soul seeker and history buff to alpha male, lab rat, health nut and creative cat. And there is also one named English major for those who take their Longfellow and Whitman seriously.

Alternatively, the site can be searched by specifying the kind of genre that you are keener on. Science fiction, drama, biography…You can take it all from there. And the more you use the site and refine your tastes, then the more intelligent it will get and the more accurate its recommendations will turn out to be. In Their Own Words

Good book recommendations for women, young adults, kids and men.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Sometimes we know what we want to read, but we are not so sure about the remaining members of our families. BookYap will come in handy right there and then.

Some Questions About

For how long must you use the site before it produces really spot-on recommendations?

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