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BookOven.comAuthors who are looking into making a name for themselves could benefit from this site. Basically, it is a community resource where writers can upload their own content and have the other members of the community comment on it.

The community is not only conformed by writers but also be editors, and people who are true adepts to literature. And projects can be as public or private as the user wants.

This community site actually had me thinking about an ‘80s book of by Harlan Ellison named “Dangerous Visions”, in which he collaborated with fellow writers. The collaborations were carried in the ways you could imagine: fax, telegram, snail mail… This site is the natural evolution of such a process, and I believe it does reinforce all that it is good about such a modality. I must say that I am not that keen on collaborative fiction. I feel its results are merely cosmetic, and it’s main use to me is only keeping fans happy. But that doesn’t prevent me from understanding the importance of a site like this one. And who knows, maybe it can make such an approach to fiction gain new converts. In Their Own Words

“The Book Oven is a place where we help each other make better books.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is the perfect spot for writers aiming to fine tune their skills.

Some Questions About

Is there something like this for poetry?