– Personal and Social Bookmarking is a social and personal bookmarking tool.

This site allows users to add and store their own personal bookmarks, including their existing bookmarks saved on their Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. Users can also save their bookmarks and public or private. Users may create groups with whom they can share their bookmarks. Bookmarks can also be mailed to friends with one simple click. Other bookmarks can be reviewed and rated. The most viewed links eventually can earn status on the Most Popular list. Users can also interact with one another by using the Scribble Zone tool. In Their Own Words

“There are around 40,000 new sites coming up each day and a large chunk of them are really interesting and useful. We wanted to have an index of good bookmarks – separating the chaff from the wheat and also a cool place to hang out on the web. We didn’t know about other sites that were offering this already. That was good in a way because our basic idea was not influenced or cluttered by looking at some of those sites. Today, when we look at all these sites- I can proudly say that Bookmemark is one of the best out there for a persono-socio bookmarking experience.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Bookmemark is a very thorough bookmarking site. The topics posted are varied and diverse. The design is catchy, and the explanations of how to use the tools are thorough. More interaction on the active members could enhance the site and make the social networking aspect come to life.

Some Questions About

How can user profiles be more detailed? How can links be categorized? What search functions can be developed?