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BookmarkerPro.comThere are just lots and lost of resources for bookmarking sites and then having centralized access to such bookmarks later on. There are not, however, that many web tools that let you do what this one lets you do: monitoring the status of these sites that you have bookmarked over time. Bookmarker Pro has been built from the ground up in order to let any user do that – keep all these pages that he adds to his collection of bookmarks in check, and realize if any of these ever becomes outdated (and would make better sense being removed altogether from the list).


In fact, users of Bookmarker Pro can actually monitor only specific parts of pages. This will be really appealing for all these webmasters that want to look at the reaction that their own content elicits on visitors, and learn how to have a more engaging site on the whole.

Ultimately, webmasters are one of the main audiences that are targeted. They will be able to keep an eye on their own sites and every single site they are going up against, and understand how to sell what they do to the average visitor in a far more appealing way. In Their Own Words

Search and monitor your bookmarks.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a really practical way to monitor the changes in web content over time.

Some Questions About

Does the monitoring take place 24/7?

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