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If it hasn’t happened already, we’re nearing a point where everyone is going to want a website. Some will need an online storefront, some will want to showcase their artistic works or professional profile. Some will need a wedding registry…


It’s not hard to figure out why so many people will need websites. The reasons are nearly infinite. What’s challenging is creating a website builder that people with zero interest in coding or technology will find to their liking – along with all the other people who do have an advanced understanding of the internet and still crave better tools.


Bookmark keeps things simple. And beautiful. The templates they offer provide clean, uncluttered designs. Pages have been thoughtfully composed to go easy on the eye – they look great and are a cinch to navigate.


bookmark landing


While Bookmark offers creators plenty of options for personal customization, newcomers arrive with a website fully intact, in need of minor adjustments before showing it to the world. That’s right, the website is almost good to go before doing a single thing. This is really smart.


If you haven’t made a website before, starting from scratch is intimidating. It can seem like so much work, no matter how great the tools on hand. Beginning with the site already made, in need of minor coaxing to make it your own, is much less daunting. This start-at-finished approach lifts Bookmark above plenty of competition.


No need to have even heard of responsive design with Bookmark. The platform renders sites sharp-looking on any device from the outset. This is an extraordinary, timesaving feature, that probably will be taken for granted. Developers will appreciate how much extra work (not to mention expense) this eliminates.


So, you can have a site up and running quickly, that fits any screen, looks amazing, requires barely any computer skills at all – and that’s free to use. The sheer volume of websites online – the number that the average person visits – turns us all into harsh critics. Try finding fault with Bookmark. They offer remarkably easy-to-use web creating tools for building polished, attractive sites.


For those looking to take their game to a higher level, Bookmark equips budding entrepreneurs with additional resources such as e-learning courses, community support, and website analytics.


Need a website? Of course you do. Save your money and wits and start creating with Bookmark.


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