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How Do You Handle Bookkeeping In Just Three Minutes? Bookly

Unless you’re hardwired to record receipts immediately and track every penny obsessively (read: you’re an accountant), bookkeeping isn’t going to land on your list of favorite activities. Not by a long shot.


Have a listen anywhere you want online and you’re not going to hear small business owners say that they love bookkeeping – it’s the adult equivalent of having to clean up your room as a teenager. It must be done. It’s always fought tooth and nail. There are always a million other things you’d rather be doing.


Bookly is an online bookkeeping service that steps in to save small business owners from such unpleasant chores so that they can focus on the moneymaking parts of their business. It takes all of three minutes to hand the bookkeeping keys over to someone else. Sign up for a plan, enter in connected data (bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal, etc.), and… oh, wait, that’s it. There’s nothing else to do. You’re done.


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Bookly automatically collects data from then on and makes proper updates. A huge advantage here is that Bookly supplies business owners with slick tech AND a bookkeeper. So, everything is kept organized and searchable online and there’s also a real human to go to with questions – one who’s looking after your best interests.


Depending on the needs and budget of the company, Bookly plans begin with handling basic bookkeeping but can also tackle tax preparation and payroll. No contracts, no obligations, just as much financial upkeep passed off into capable hands as you’d care to unload.


Bookly updates and categorizes transactions in real-time, so you always have a clear view of the bottom line. With secure banking connections, you’re good to handle invoicing and payments as well. What’s more, easy reports help to spot business trends and make money-saving changes. Business owners can also team up their Bookly account with other apps to best capture information related to point of sale, inventory, time tracking and other aspects of the business.


Basically, you know your books are always in order with Bookly, without lifting a finger. That kind of freedom and peace of mind is priceless. The best interaction with the IRS is no interaction at all. Knowing that you’re compliant with policies and good to pay taxes, and that your payroll is in order… well, it all has to happen to keep the doors open.


You’ll just save yourself a lot of kicking and screaming if you have Bookly do the work for you.


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Author : Keith Liles

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