KillerStartups – Finding Gender Compatibility For Books

Bookhu.comSimply put, Bookhu is a gender compatibility portal that revolves around a specific subject: books. Through it, finding out which books are popular among the female and the male buying public is something very easy, and also quite engaging.

You can check out a “Top 100 Bestsellers in All Books” category and see both an “average male rating” and an “average female rating” while you are informed about which gender the book is more popular with. You can also read reviews at in order to have something of a better insight on each particular title.

Moreover, you can browse the database by category and in that particular case you will be able to have your pick from perennial ones like “Health, Mind & Body”, “Entertainment”, “Romance”, “Religion & Spirituality”… the list is long and very comprehensive indeed. If you like a genre, it is bound to be featured.

When all is said and done, the site is an interesting one because of the twist it offers – a twist that is all the more interesting when you have to shop for a gift or two and want to ensure you are getting your hands on the suitable title. After all, if you know that something is read by an audience that is 90 % female (or male) then you are halfway there. In Their Own Words

“Bookhu is the Gender Compatibility Engine for books.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site revolves around a premise which is interesting in theory, and that can let you save time when looking for the most suitable books to read in practice.

Some Questions About

Is it possible for you to create a list with your favorites?

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