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Readers, Rejoice! BookFusion Has Free eBooks And Great Recommendations

I am what you’d call an avid reader. When I was a kid, it wasn’t uncommon for me to have three or four books going at the same time. I’d switch between them, based on my mood, something that seems just a little crazy to me now. Even today, you’ll be hard-pressed to find me without a book on my person: I get anxious the way a smoker who has run out of cigarettes does.


This reading addiction means that I’m pretty much constantly looking for new books. My boyfriend is used to the sounds of me grumbling that there’s nothing good to read, which he makes fun of me for, because ever since he bought me a Kindle for Christmas a few years ago, I have all of Amazon at my fingertips.


But finding a good book is a different matter from just finding a book, as any true reader knows. That’s why I love sites like BookFusion, which not only gives great book recommendations but also connects users to a vast library of free books.





Yup, you read that right: free books. I don’t even like to think about how much money I spend yearly on books; it probably rivals or surpasses the amount I spend on clothing. The prospect of being able to borrow ebooks the same way that I used to borrow books from the library is super enticing. BookFusion also lets you integrate your own books into their virtual library, making them available to other readers in the community.


BookFusion is out to “significantly change the reading experience and how we consume ebooks.” One of their first steps toward that goal is the release of BookFusion on Android, which includes a social element, letting you discover what books people in your network of friends and family are reading. If you’re like me and know that you have tastes similar to your mom’s, for example, you can track what Mom is reading and see if any of her picks appeal to you too. Or you can branch out and see what other folks are devouring, making it that much easier to discover great new books.


And best of all, the books you read through BookFusion are available on all of your mobile devices: tablet, laptop, and smartphone. They also sync across your devices, ensuring that you’ll never lose your place, regardless of what screen you’re reading on. Your bookmarks, comments, and highlights will be available as well.


Finally, BookFusion includes full integration with DropBox and Good Drive, comes with support for phones, and allows users to upload and open books directly from their mobile devices, without going through the web platform.


Ready to start discovering great new books? Tired of spending so much money on new reading material? Check out BookFusion and feel your reader heart give a sigh of delight.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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