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Book Awesome, Inexpensive Tours With Faralong

Today’s Killer Startup: Faralong


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Elevator Pitch:

Faralong connects travelers more directly to travel services in amazing destinations worldwide, dropping costs as more people get on board.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

My completely unscientific research over the past three plus years that I’ve been writing about startups and startup founders has uncovered one major commonality between people who choose to start their own business: they all want to travel. I used to ask founders what’d they do with $100k and one year if they couldn’t put it toward a startup and I had to stop asking because they all said travel.


So when a startup founder decides to take that love of and desire for travel and combine it with their company, I’m always excited. And when it’s as on point as Faralong? Double.


Faralong attacks the $270B travel industry market with the idea of cutting out as much middle man as possible in order to drop prices. Here’s the issue: travel service providers on the ground need to connect with people in other countries and, in the age of internet, those people in other countries usually want to get it set up before they land. Faralong has worked out package tour deals that connect travelers with travel service businesses, cutting out most of the middle men.


Their special sauce is that the price of every tour drops as more people sign on. Think of it like a taxi ride. If two people split a cab, the cab doesn’t double in cost, does it? Faralong applies a similar principal, dropping the price where it can be dropped so that users get the best deal possible. (Obviously it’s not a direct analogy — some things on tours really do cost more for each person. But you get the idea.)


Faralong also offers the same pricing if you’re looking for a private tour with a group of friends as they do for public, open tours. That means you and your besties can go enjoy all that Argentina has to offer, for example, without having to deal with anyone else tagging along.


The company just launched on June 1, but is already seeing excited interest in what they have to offer. They also (super impressively) pitched Faralong to five investors and came back with 100% choosing to invest, totaling a $500k seed round. Those of you who have fundraised already know how impressive that is, and those of you haven’t, take warning: those are not normal results.


Travel plus startup founders equals travel startup. It’s an equation I’m so down with. Check out Faralong for the best deals in world tours to amazing destinations.



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Author : Emma McGowan

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