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\”, Inc. is a new media company focused on publishing entertaining and educational Internet content. The Company seeks to use its editorial, technical and programming expertise to create compelling content primarily for children and their families. The primary goal of, Inc. is to continue presenting, within the protected proprietary environment of, entertaining works which kids will return to again and again. The emergence of the World Wide Web has given us a unique opportunity to react to audience preferences faster than ever before. Therefore,, Inc. will continue to explore opportunities to give children, families and educators highly compelling Web content.\”

Why It Might Be A Killer

When you are a parent, you are always worried about what kind of stuff your kids are looking at, at you have the safety that this site is completely kid-safe. In addition, they offer an incredible variety of entertainment just for the kids and family, it’s really easy to navigate and you don’t need any additional software.

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By being a new site this implies hard work so to appear in the search engines, are they ready for this? Are the games offered appealing? Do they constantly update the games?