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bomple.comLooking for fun layouts for your space or email? provides you resources, layouts, generators, graphics and many codes to customize your profile, email, web logs, groups, and web forums.

The most popular customizations are layouts which are either pre-made or are just pretty and cute. They offer the best myspace icons, myspace graphics, myspace layouts, myspace generators on the internet today. In this site you can also find other fun videos and graphics, download music and share it with other users and other music mixer. This site has all the options offered in an organized way for you to find all the wanted icons or graphics or else in a very simple way, and also it has a labeled tag showing the category of the product you want to download, showing it with stars. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to The internet’s best kept secret for everything MySpace, Hi5, Friendster, Xanga, MyYearBook, and more! Resources and codes you will find on Bomple are templates, layouts, codes, animals, boys, girls, cartoons, celebrities, cars, sports and other fun things for your MySpace page. Remember to add yourself to the Bomple MySpace friend list to stay up to date with Bomple news, new myspace tips and tricks.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site is very attractive for the teenage audience that are the time improving and adding new stuff to their mails and profiles. It offers everything they want to see and seek for. It also has a very appealing presentation for their special offers and winning contests.

Some Questions About

How are they going to deal with competition? There are many sites that offer the same service online.

Will you improve the presentation of the main page of the site? It has a lot of information around everywhere and it doesn’t