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Bodydaemon.comBodyDaemon is an extensive web-based tool for better monitoring your lifestyle and improving your overall well-being. BodyDaemon allows you to set up your own personalized journal where you can document everything that you do to live better and then change by recognizing unhealthy patterns.


Within your journal you will find well-designed tabs for: Fitness, Food, Body, Goals, Blog, Reports and Tools. An easy to use calendar allows you to make submission on the current date as well as past dates if you find you forgot to enter something. Enter what you’ve eaten and what physical activities you’ve done in the day and match those to your goals. Custom reports tell you how you are doing in your training and your diet. Members can also submit entries to the Community section and help encourage each other in their quest to become more fit. In Their Own Words

“We offer a free lifestyle monitoring tool that will change the way you think about, share and record your fitness.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a very well-designed site that could become very popular with an increasingly significant section of the population that is concerned about their health. BodyDaemon provides you with all of the necessary tools to improve your overall fitness.

Some Questions About

Have they considered providing an overall “about” and “FAQ” section so that people have a better idea about exactly how the site works? Currently, you have to sign up and click on tabs to learn what they can do instead of having an explanation beforehand. Sites like this one only work if people thoroughly understand how to use them and the faster they “get it” the more likely they are to use the site.

Author : Caroline Bright

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