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Boardlite.comIf you think about it, we all have a pet theme that we can discuss with others for hours on end. Everybody does.

It is basic nature. And what would be worthy of the greatest, longest rumination ever to some will just be deemed as a waste of time to others. And the opposite will always stand true. I bet many think that discussing all the possible ramifications of the final episode of “Lost” (we already know it will have three alternate endings) is the most absorbing thing in the universe. And I am sure others believe that arguing with each other about what features should the new iPhone have is the most suitable way to spend the best part of an afternoon.

Well, this site will let all those who want to discuss just any old thing do it. Boardlite will let people either create or join discussions about any topic they deem as worthwhile. “Lost” connoisseurs, Apple fanboys, Newcastle United supporters… they are all allowed. As long as they have something to say, and do it in a respectful way they can meet up here and argue for hours on end. In Their Own Words

“A better place to create discussion topics and forums.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People love going over these things that mean something to them time and again. This site lets them do it, and touch upon any topic they might feel like discussing.

Some Questions About

Can media be employed as part of any of the discussions taking place on the site?