– Sharing Fragments Of Conversations

Bnter.comBntr is the newest communication platform that has been released. In general terms, it lets you communicate both with your social graph and newcomers by the use of a free mobile app, and post excerpts of real-life conversations that others can then comment upon.

Bntr profiles are created free of charge. And these can be public or private, according to what you intend to share and the kind of relationships that you want to forge with other users of the service.

Conversations on Bntr can be tagged, and texts can also be attributed to you and/or other individuals. And texts can be reposted (IE the equivalent of doing a retweet), and spread further along in such a way.

So, the aim of Bntr is to let people become part of conversations that involve others in a direct and fun way. The one question is whether people are going to find a purposeful use for this service. By its mere nature, Bntr feels like a platform in which people could pass some time and little else. I guess we will have to see some actual (and massive) uses to figure that out for sure. In Their Own Words

Bnter is a fun way to share entertaining snippets of conversation with a larger audience.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Basically, it is an entertaining way to become part of conversations that might interest you, but that you are not directly involved with.

Some Questions About

How many snippets can you share in a single day? There is a limit, right?