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BMVClassifieds.comBMVclassifieds can be termed an online classifieds website allowing users to list items which comply with a specific requirement: they are priced below their current market value price. The idea is to turn every item into a bargain.


The actual items that are listed are situated in a wealth of categories that include real estate, cars, motorcycles, RV’s, boats, retails sales and businesses. Besides, a “Services” section is included in order to give the site an even more comprehensive feel along with the category named “Other bargains”.

Using this site is free both for those who want to buy and for the ones that intend to list anything, and that makes it more appealing to a larger public. And since the site covers the whole world and no just the United States, that public can be a large one indeed. Obviously, the country that has more listings right now is the US, but territories like Canada and Australia are also picking up steam. If you want to see how active the place you live in is, just drop by the site and launch a search. And in the event not a lot is going on, you can do something about that easily. In Their Own Words

“BMV is an online community, user moderated by bargain hunters much like yourself. If you have items, services or know about bargains that you think others would be interested in then please feel free to list. The x factor that seperates BMV from every other classified site is that every one of our listings is priced Below Market Value! And yes, its free to list!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site can be an effective door to considerable savings since every item that is listed is priced below market value.

Some Questions About

How does the site advertise itself? How can it gain popularity?

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