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BlueRetriever.comThe one advantage mobile devices have? You can take them absolutely anywhere you want. And the one main disadvantage they have? Since they accompany you everyplace, they are more than liable to become lost along the way.


That is why a service like BlueRetriever is a good idea any way you look at it. In essence, it has been devised as a loss protection system that is available at no cost whatsoever. Owners just register the ID number of the device, and if the worst should happen and the mobile becomes lost at a later date the ones who find it can get in touch with the owner, using the profile information that is featured on the site. And the main hook is that they are rewarded for handing back the device itself.

It is quite an interesting concept. Mobiles are anything but cheap, not to mention all the sensitive information that they can hold. The one and only concern I have is how can BlueRetriever become as widespread as it should become in order to translate into effectiveness in the real world. If the company can find a suitable way to market itself then I am sure it will catch on. I sincerely hope they can find it as I know more than a share of users that have lost their mobiles, never to see them again. In Their Own Words

“BlueRetriever is the free web-based service that helps reunite you with your mobile device if you lose it, while allowing you to reward the finder for their good deed.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Losing a mobile is far too commonplace. It is good to know that you will have your back somehow covered if that should happen again.

Some Questions About

How will this service be advertised and where, in order for it to become as standardized as it should become to be effective?

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