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BlueOceanYachting.comBlue Ocean Yachting is a new networking site that supplies information, content, news, offers, and products to the yachting community. The site is free to join, and even people who have just a fleeting interest in the subject will find something to go through and enjoy here.

Some of the categories that you can have your pick from include a business directory and a board in which career opportunities are listed, whereas a forum (a mainstay of every social resource worth its salt) is likewise featured.

Besides, a “Metric Conversion” section serves a true practical purpose. The same goes for the one entitled “Weather”.

The inspiration behind this online yachting portal is to centralize each and every single thing that is associated with the world of yachting, instead of having the resources segregated all over the Web. The programmer told me “Instead of having multiple businesses wasting money spreading their advertising out to numerous publications, why not have it all in one place? Supermarkets do it, large chain stores do it? Why can’t Yachting as a general rule have one home online?”. That seems sensible enough, and this site aims to occupy that space. Time will tell if it achieves that distinction. In Their Own Words

“ is a Global Yachting Portal.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a specialized networking site that covers a noticeable gap very professionally.

Some Questions About

Which countries are better-represented so far?

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